Mold Remediation Photo Gallery

Mold Containment

When doing a mold remediation, you set up a containment unit. This is used to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas of the infected environment. The containment is removed once mold testing is complete and saying the area is free of mold.

Mold and Water Damage In Window Sill

The window sill in this building had some water damage and mold when they found it. This was a leak that was caused by the windows not being sealed properly. 

Mold in a School

This Lake Elsinore school found mold behind the wallpaper in one of the portable units used for office storage. The damage was contained to one wall and remediation proceeded quickly. 

Mold in the Insulation

This house had a roof leak that came into the house through the ceiling and the walls. The exterior walls with the insulation were affected by mold due to the moisture.