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Infrared Water Detection

Infrared Water Detection

The main source of loss in this home was due to water in the upstairs bathroom. This is one of the many tools that SERVPRO uses to detect where water and moisture is still located. This is with  blue showing us where it is still wet.

Water Loss at Boys and Girls Club in lobby area it is all wet

Water Loss at a Boys and Girls Club

This is a water loss that occurred at a local Boys and Girls Club. The entire front entry way and two of the classrooms were affected. We removed the damaged materials and proceeded to dry the area.

SERVPRO team packing up bedroom after a water loss

Pack out

After a loss, SERVPRO of Woodcrest / El Cerrito / Lake Mathews packs out everything in your home, rest assured that everything is inventoried and stored safe until it is time to unpack and put everything back "Like it never even happened."

Infrared Water Detection

Infrared Water Detection

The main source of loss in this home was due to water in the upstairs bathroom. This is one of the many tools that SERVPRO uses to detect where water and moisture is still located. This is with  blue showing us where it is still wet.

broken window boarded up from storm.

board up after storm

This is the board-up performed by our crew after a storm blew debris into this window and damaged it. We took out the remaining glass and boarded the window up until a new window could be installed.

missing roof tiles from high winds

Wind damage to roof

The high winds in Southern California, known as Santa Ana Winds, can cause severe damage when they kick up debris. This roof was damaged due to high winds in the area. 

roof with black tarp on to cover water leak from storm

Roof leak from storm secure with tarp

When a storm hits SERVPRO of Woodcrest / El Cerrito / Lake Mathews is prepared no matter how big or small. This homeowners roof was leaking from a recent storm. SERVPRO went out to lay a tarp to elimate additional damage from the storm. 

setting up plastic containment walls to secure area for drying

Water loss in Riverside at Magnolia Elementary

This local elementary school suffered a water loss from a drinking fountian that leaked in the office / library area. SERVPRO of Woodcrest was onsite in less than an hour to we packed out the library and drying it out. 

If you experienced a water loss call SERVPRO of Woodcrest / El Cerrito / Lake Mathews at 951-398-3240 

Mold Containment

When doing a mold remediation, you set up a containment unit. This is used to prevent the mold from spreading to other areas of the infected environment. The containment is removed once mold testing is complete and saying the area is free of mold.

Mold and Water Damage In Window Sill

The window sill in this building had some water damage and mold when they found it. This was a leak that was caused by the windows not being sealed properly. 

Mold in a School

This Lake Elsinore school found mold behind the wallpaper in one of the portable units used for office storage. The damage was contained to one wall and remediation proceeded quickly. 

Drywall Removal

This water loss required removal of drywall to get it completely dry. The tile wasn't removed but the dry wall surrounding some kitchen space, which was the cause of loss, was removed.

Cabinet Removal from a Water Damaged Kitchen

This kitchen had a water loss that caused us to take out the lower cabinets for proper drying. After the cabinet removal they set up air movers and got the structure dry.

Roof Tarp to Prevent Further Interior Damage

The roof was damaged due to high winds, which caused water to leak into the home. Until the roofers were able to make it out to repair the damage, a roof tarp was placed to prevent further damage from happening.

Mold in the Insulation

This house had a roof leak that came into the house through the ceiling and the walls. The exterior walls with the insulation were affected by mold due to the moisture.

House Fire in Southern California

The fire in this house was large and fast acting. The whole house suffered from some burn damage. Luckily they were able to save the structure due to the fast acting neighbors who called the fire department.

Holy Fire in Lake Elsinore, CA

This is a photo of the Holy Fire that raged through the hills surrounding Lake Elsinore. This photo was taken by one of our team members from the evacuation station.

Water Loss at a Pro-Shop

The bathrooms around the corner and flooded into the pro-shop at this local country club. As you can see, the carpets in this photo are fairly saturated. The clean up took several days but we were able to minimize the damage to business as usual!

Large Water Loss at a Country Club

The public restrooms at the Country Club flooded and manged to make it to the pro-shop and through some of the restaurant on property. The water was extracted and dried quickly. 

Water Loss at a local Business

The toilets in this commercial building flooded at the beginning of the day and created a huge mess. Luckily it was only a category 2. The cleanup was fast and got the business back up and running quickly.

Water Loss at Home Depot

The local Home Depot had a major water loss. The whole store was flooded and had to have the water extracted and air movers placed. The job lasted several days due to the size.

Soot Damage Caused By Dryer Fire

The soot damage in this bathroom is caused by a dryer that caught fire. The soot damage is through most of the home while the fire was contained to the laundry room.

House Fire

This is a home that was destroyed in a fire in the Anaheim hills. The family was not in the home, thankfully but the house was completely destroyed. SERVPRO of Woodcrest/El Cerrito/Lake Matthews cleared the debris so the family could begin to rebuild.

Busted Water Heater

This loss was caused by a water heater that leaked into the garage and the laundry room inside the home. The leak traveled through the wall and saturated the carpet in the laundry room as well as the floor in the garage.

Water Loss Originating in The Bathroom

This is a water loss that started in the bathroom. The tub, flooring and some drywall needed to be removed to effectively dry the space. The homeowner was impressed with how quickly we got all of the work completed.

Small Fire In A Home

This small fire in the hallway wall caused significant smoke and soot damage to this home. The flooring and walls ended up being removed before the homeowner could start the rebuilding process.